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Michael K. Andam was born in Takoradi, Ghana, West Africa, where he and his three brothers were raised by his parents, Kenneth Sr. and Jane Andam. He moved to the United States after high school to attend college. He graduated from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah with a degree in Economics.

As a teenager, Michael loved to read both local and foreign comic books. The heroic and action-packed stories always drew him in. Since then, he hoped to someday become a published author. While his novels are full of fantasy and adventure—features fueling his wonder-filled, comic book obsession, they also seamlessly tie in valuable life lessons and insights into human behavior.

Michael is also a sports enthusiast with a passion for fitness. When he is not busy writing the next great American novel, Michael spends his days working as a personal health and wellness coach at his gym in Orem, Utah. He is the founder of Zealous Training (, a privately owned elite health and fitness organization. Guided by his knowledge of nutrition and excellent understanding of body mechanics, he and his team of Zealous trainers specialize in assisting individuals as they embark on their healthy lifestyle journey. Whether it be a stay-at-home mom who desires to lose some baby weight or a professional athlete needing conditioning for the upcoming season, Michael has the know-how to help and has helped change many lives for the better.

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