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We have been endowed with the power and support to resist all evil. Our inability to do so stems from our sensuality and carnality, greed and covetousness, pride and arrogance, and our unrighteous desire for power and dominance. All these are earthly and cannot be taken beyond after death. Brotherly love, humility, respect and charity are the ingredients that will mould and qualify you to be borne to a place of love and eternal happiness. Make a choice now before it is too late! Only you can make that decision.

The world needs you. You are endowed with the potential to love and serve one another. Happiness comes from making the people you meet happy and not expecting those you meet to do things that you think make you happy. Happiness is the reward bestowed for service that is rendered in love and received with appreciation. Be charitable, for charity may be defined as love in action.

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